False Claims Against Other Conservative/Libertarian Anti-Communists
This set of claims relates to charges made by those who distrust those regarded by some conservatives as "neoconservatives" (johnny come latelies to the pro-freedom cause), especially those who are Jewish former Democrats. There is often more than a hint of anti-Jewish bias lurking in these charges. The letter below had to do with claims made by Brad Linaweaver against David Horowitz whom he seems to think is a neoconservative (which he may or may not be) rather than a real conservative or libertarian.  Furthermore, and more importnatly, Mr. Linaweaver claimed to me that Horowitz never admitted that Alger Hiss had been a Communist agent, strongly implying that David Horowitz covered up for Hiss.

Having read some of the writings of Horowitz myself, I would put him more in the tradition of John Adams and James Madison -- the classical liberal (i.e., American conservative) ideological perspective rather than that of a "typical"  neoconservative, and furthermore I found several instances in his writings where he explicitly reminded his readers about Alger Hiss's Communist affiliation,  activities, and influence. It became clear to me that Mr. Linaweaver's dislike of Horowitz had little to do with the facts.  My own view is that there are more than enough enemies on the reactionary Left for those of us on the pro-freedom Right to be preoccupied with divisive infighting and false charges against other anti-communists.

October 17 of 2001


I have taken the liberty of sending you the attached photocopy of a few pages from a book by David Horowitz. Even though he covers some of the same ground in this book (Hating Whitey) that he has in many of his previous works, especially including his autobiography, I know that many conservatives, libertarians and Americans in general could benefit from reading it. There are far too many of us in the libertarian movement who are woefully naive of how the Left plays the race card.

The enclosed excerpt, of course, puts the lie to Brad Linaweaver's assertions (made to you and me when I was visiting in California earlier this year) that Horowitz exculpates FDR vis-a-vis selling out Eastern Europe to Communism and also his claim that Horowitz never acknowledged Alger Hiss as a real Soviet communist spy "in anything he has ever written."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does Mr. Horowitz know that Hiss was a real Communist agent working for the Soviets, but he makes that explicitly clear in his talks and writings, especially before college audiences  I may not always agree with every single thing David Horowitz says or some of the terminology he uses at times, but I can criticize him for those positions which he actually takes.  I don't have to make false claims against him or invent positions for him which he does not take.

Brad may be a good sci fi author, and I happen to agree with him on many issues, but I'm afraid our friend Linaweaver is clearly not a careful thinker or very reliable source of information about history or ideology. Just as I suspected, he was talking through his "hat" with more bombast than facts to back himself up!

For less government and more individual responsibility, I remain

Sincerely yours,

Sam Wells